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Quake Arena Xbox 360 footage is part old, part new, all awesome

Both appearing on Youtube, and both corroborated by a retweet from the game's Twitter feed, the first is from an earlier build and the second is from a nearly final version. Watch them and tell me what you think. You'll excuse me if I don't join you though. The booze fallout from last night's Games Media Awards means that a second watch of something as fast and dizzying as Quake is likely to kill me.

Looks pretty solid, does it not? I'm not entirely sure if it isn'ta tiny bitslower than the original Quake 3, but that could just be that I'm used to inhumanly ultra-twitchy mouse settings where Quake is concerned. And it could be that my booze-soaked brain is processing everything a bit slower this morning anyway.

What say you? Excited?

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