Pyro update - fire puns abound

Following yesterday’sMeet the Snipermachinima, Valve has released the full details on upgrades to the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2.

Along with 35 new Achievements (Dance Dance Immolation for the win!), there are three new weapons at the Pyro’s disposal and two new maps, selected from the finest of community-made maps out there. CP_Fastlane and CTF_Turbine are sure to make for an interesting game, even if you’re not playing as the Pyro. But if you are, be sure to check out the new Flare Gun, the Backburner and (our personal favorite) the Axestinguisher.

Above: Kill three enemies while they're taunting to score the new Dance Dance Immolation Achievement

You can get an eyeful of all the new stuffright here, and in the meantime, gocheck outall the “Meet the” vids Valve has released to-date. They’re pretty freakin’ sweet.

Jun 19, 2008