Pyramid Head in Silent Hill: Homecoming!

Last night Konami offered a rather large group of gaming journalists the opportunity to finally get some hands-on with Silent Hill: Homecoming. We were second in line and found everything to be in working order; the eerie sounds, intentionally grainy visuals and unsettling environments are coming along nicely and even the new dodgy-slashy combat system works better than we thought. If you were around last month you'll remember our three-day blowout of Homecoming - it looked like this:

Day 1:Updated impressions| Day 2:Exclusive movies| Day 3:Interview with Akira Yamaoka

Check each for all you could possibly want to know about Alex's life-altering search for his missing brother.

More important than that, however, was the trailer Konami aired prior to the hands-on. In it we clearly saw Pyramid Head rounding a corner, trudging along with his massively oversized sword. What could this mean for the story, we wonder? The SH2 antagonist was originally supposed to be some form of punishment for James's repressed emotions and guilt, but why would he appear to Alex as well? Is he now Silent Hill's go-to guy for meat-cleaving shenanigans? In our confusion, we approached lead designer Jason Allen, saying how we swear we just saw Pyramid Head wandering through that trailer. To this he simply smirked and replied "Was it?"

We're going with a yes - or at the very least some other monster that looks a hell of a lot like our flesh-ripping friend. More soon!

May 15, 2008