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Pursuit Force is back

Pursuit Force, easily one of our favorite games for PSP, will make a return to duty in a sequel titled Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, set to crackdown on convicts this summer on PSP and PS2.

Extreme Justice will enhance the already chase-tastic action with the addition of two new gangs - the Raiders and the Syndicate - as well as a new rival in the kitted-out form of a more ruthless police taskforce, the Viper division. Fortunately you've got reinforcements to assist in your criminal hunting antics, including Air Support, High Speed Pursuit, Special Operations and Heavy Assault officers.

ABOVE: Sigh. Yeah, this is a shot from the first game. Hey, don't get mad - we're trying our best

Controllable helicopters, jet skis, bikes with sidecars and hovercraft will boost the vehicle numbers, while PSP owners can enjoy four-player WiFi multiplayer, with two-player split-screen planned for PS2. We'll have the first screens as soon as they give 'em to us.

January 18, 2007