Puppies! A spiritual successor to Nintendogs is coming to Nintendo Switch

My fellow millennials will remember the pure joy of Nintendogs, a puppy (and later kitten) pet sim that gave you what your parents completely refused to - a smol creature to love and cherish. 14 years later and Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is doing it all over again for Nintendo Switch, and it looks cuter than a piglet in rain boots. It will be released on May 28.

The game was released in Japan in December so we know what to expect: six breeds of puppies to adopt and three cute kittens. We can confirm that along with your basic bitch Labrador Retriever and German Shepherds the best breed in the world, the French Bulldog, is included. 

"Get to know their personalities and feed them their favorite food," says the publisher's description. "Play with your pet using their favorite new toy or take them out for walks and compete in the flying disc tournament, using the Joy-Con motion controls or Nintendo Switch touch screen. Each pet has its own personality, behavior and looks. Look after your pet to develop a bond and grow your friendship." 

So you can walk them, feed, play with them, and dress them in perfect outfits thanks to a selection of 600 accessories - something that is actually pretty hard to do with a real dog who refuses to recognize the important of pet fashions. 

The game is out in May, so you'll just have to channel your love into actual living creatures until then, or dust off that Tamagotchi you murdered with neglect in the late nineties. Definitely don't spend any time thinking about the Nintendogs you forgot about and left alone in your old Nintendo DS for 15 years. 

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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