PUBG will no longer have paid loot boxes in the drop pool

(Image credit: PUBG Corp.)

PUBG's loot box situation is getting some big changes, chiefly the removal of locked crates from the Random Crate drop pool. In a letter from PUBG's Item Production Dev team, the developers discuss each of the changes coming to PUBG's crate system and when fans can expect the changes to go live.

The big update is that when you buy a random crate using BP, you won't ever find a locked crate that requires you to buy a key with real money. The unpopular feature will begin to phase out on November 27, when the likelihood of a locked crate appearing in the drop pool will dramatically reduce. On December 8, paid loot boxes will be removed entirely from the Random Crate drop pool. Crates you've acquired can still be accessed with the right keys, which can only be purchased if there's a locked crate in your inventory. 

Changes are also coming to the paid crates themselves, which will still be available for purchase from the marketplace. The chances you'll find mid-tier and top-tier rarity items will be increased with the new updates, giving incentive to players to shell out real-world money. 

The Venetian Crate is a new loot box available November 20 that you can buy directly using your hard-earned BP until November 27, when it becomes randomized. All new crates from that point on will be unlocked. You can check out the contents of the Venetian Crate here.

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