PUBG is getting a duo PvE challenge mode called Haven in Season 10

The PUBG Season 10 launch trailer has arrived a full week ahead of the season's December 16 debut (or December 17 on console), and it's all about a new PvE challenge mode called Haven. 

Haven is the name of the new map and its unique mode. It drops lobbies of 32 players – 16 teams of two, assuming no one-player duo queues – into the urban remains of a once-prosperous industrial site that's now overrun with heavily armed Pillar mercenaries. The lore is that Pillar was hired by Tythonic, a biotech company that gutted Haven when its industries hit a drought. 

On top of hunting down players, Haven will challenge PUBG fans to outlive their competition by evading Pillar mercenaries. The trailer shows off Pillar's scout helicopter and armored vehicle, and there are plenty of armed guards combing the island. Think of it as a zombies mode, except the zombies are very much alive and have more than enough guns to make sure that you aren't. You'll need to hide from Pillar, take them down when you can to get at stacked loot caches, and keep moving to stay out of the range of their attack vehicles.

Developer PUBG Corp. describes Haven as "a wholly unique PUBG experience exclusive to Season 10," and given the game mode's smaller lobbies and 1x1 map, it says the average Haven round will be "considerably shorter" than a normal PUBG match. Haven will only be available from December 16 through March 24 in both first-person and third-person modes, so if you've been holding out for a PvE challenge with PUBG's universe and gunplay, get your fill this winter. 

Alongside Haven's reveal, PUBG Corp. released a quick patch note preface for Season 10. The highlights include custom outfit loadouts, team deathmatch loadouts, and unspecified "adjustments to ranked point calculations." 

PUBG Corp. subsidiary Striking Distance is set to reveal a new game helmed by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield.  

Austin Wood

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