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PUBG crossplay: How to team up with friends on PS4 and Xbox One

pubg crossplay how to ps4 xbox one pc
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The latest update has introduced PUBG crossplay parties for PS4 and Xbox one consoles (PUBG crossplay PC is nowhere to be seen yet). The ability to play PUBG with your console pals if they're on the opposing platform to you is a huge and very welcomed addition to the game because until now, PUBG crossplay has only been there for matchmaking, so you couldn't party up. Question is, how do you enable crossplay on PUBG? Here's everything you need to know about PUBG crossplay.

How to enable PUBG crossplay on PS4 and Xbox One

PUBG crossplay

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With this latest update detailed in a blog post, there's a new PUBG friends list in action on consoles. Along with having your PSN or XBL friends added depending on what console you play on, you can also search for players on either system. 

In order to add them to your PUBG friends list, you need to select their name then opt for "follow" when looking at their profile. You can also see a list of all players you've recently played with, plus those in your current team. 

Where is PUBG PC crossplay?

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It's no secret that PUBG is a much more popular game on PC than it is on consoles for a multitude of reasons. There's plenty of PC players who would love to be able to team up with their friends on consoles though, so will PUBG PC crossplay ever exist?

Unfortunately, the answer is likely to be no. PUBG PC and PUBG consoles run on entirely different servers, the versions of the game are different and receive updates at different times, and there's no hiding the fact that PC players would have a severe advantage thanks to the nature of the game. More so than most other shooters.

Don't take this as definitive confirmation because PUBG Corp may implement it later down the line, but at the time of writing, there's been no word on PC crossplay coming at all.

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