PUBG cross platform play and how mix friends on console

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PUBG cross platform play enables crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox, if you want to widen your playing options and take the battle royale across formats. Whether that's to play with friends on different consoles, or just to fill out your lobbies faster, PUBG cross platform play will give you more options once you know how to enable the option, squad up with a few buddies, and share your PUBG chicken dinner between friends on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and One. 

How to enable PUBG cross platform play

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To turn on PUBG cross platform play you'll need to go into the settings menu, find the gameplay tab and enable it there. When PUBG crossplay is enabled all console players can play together - in the same team, or as opponents in matchmaking. That includes custom matches too. You can party up, search for friends, invite them and so on. Basically, once cross platform play is on, the game treats all consoles like they're the same. You'll still be able to tell who's who though, thanks to some platform symbols next to names to denote PlayStation and Xbox. 

In order to help you find and organise people you can head to the Social tab, accessed by pressing View/Square depending on what pad you're holding. Here you can search for friends, and invite them from Xbox and PlayStation. 

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You can also use the Team Finder here to link up with people before a match starts so you can play together and not get squadded up with randoms. You can also toggle the option on or off so people know if you're looking or not. 

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Where is PUBG PC Cross platform play?

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There just isn't any, sorry. PUBG PC cross platform play has never been an option and is unlikely to be anytime soon. The reason has nothing to do with the differences between controllers and keyboard and mouse play, but simply because the PC and console versions of the game exists on different servers. They might as well be on different planets as far as networking goes. While it's not impossible that, one day, they might be combined or linked, it's highly unlikely for the time being. So if you're on PC or console but what to cross over the only option is to look at new hardware. 

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