PSVR PS5 controllers will have adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and more

(Image credit: PlayStation)

The PSVR PS5 controllers have been officially revealed by PlayStation. 

Below, you can see the announcement of the new controllers for the next-gen headset, which was announced earlier today on March 18. The new controllers take advantage of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, both of which can be found on the PS5's DualSense controller, as well as several brand new features, including finger-touch detection.

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Additionally, the controllers support action buttons, and the larger ring on the outside of the controllers is actually a tracking ring for the headset itself. Finally, Sony reveals that developers will soon be receiving their prototype versions of the VR controller, so they haven't even been released by the manufacturer as of right now.

Last month in February, Sony previously revealed that a PSVR headset for the PS5 console was in the works. At the time, the headset was said to feature a new "ergonomic" controller, which we now finally have a look at, but wouldn't be launching until at some point after 2021. Now we know that developers will soon be getting their hands on the headset's controllers, so it's still a fair way away from hitting stores.

At the time of the PS5 PSVR headset announcement, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan revealed that developers would soon be receiving prototype kits to work with. It's entirely possible that the manufacturer sent out the headset prototypes before the controllers were released, although they could be holding back both to arrive at once for development teams around the world.

If you're still trying to get your hands on Sony's next-gen console, you can head over to our PS5 deals guide for a full list of retailers with stock.

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