PSVR 2 is specifically designed to be more port friendly

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PSVR 2 will reportedly make it easier for developers to port over their existing games.

As reported by IGN, PlayStation has specifically designed the PSVR 2 headset to make porting games easier for developers. That's not just existing virtual reality games either; it's apparently going to be easier for developers to turn their existing games into VR versions.

The news originates from Sony Interactive Entertainment's Yasuo Takahashi and Kenjo Akiyama, speaking recently during a CEDEC 2022 event. In short, PSVR 2 development uses the same SDK as PS5 games, so in theory, this linkage should make it easier for developers to bring over their PS5 games to the VR device.

Additionally, the PSVR 2 production environment supports games made with both the Unity and Unreal game engines. Again, in theory, this is being floated with the potential of creating games using either engine easier to bring to the new-gen headset when it launches.

IGN reports that the broad takeaway from the talk given by the pair of Sony developers is that while the technology for the PSVR 2 has become more advanced compared to its predecessor, developers will have an easier time working with it and developing games for it.

We could finally hear more about the PSVR 2 headset in the coming few months, as Sony just recently confirmed it's slated for a launch in "early 2023," following months of rumour and speculation. We're finally beginning to see game demos for the new-gen headset made public, with one prolific example being Resident Evil Village's PSVR 2 version getting a demo at Tokyo Game Show later this month for all attendees. 

Head over to our upcoming PSVR 2 games guide for a full list of all confirmed titles for the new-gen headset so far, including Horizon: Call of the Mountain and many others. 

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