PSP iTrip unveiled

Griffin Technology, makers of the popular iTrip radio transmitter for iPods, is rolling out a line of audio accessories tailor-made for the PSP. Most notable is (surprise, surprise) a PSP-exclusive version of the iTrip, a sleek-looking, clip-on FM transmitter that lets you broadcast music or game audio to the nearest stereo.

Also announced were the iFM Radio Tuner (for all those times you've wanted to listen to the radio through your PSP) and the SmartShare adapter, a headphone splitter with individual volume controls - useful for, say, watching a UMD movie on a plane with a sensitive-eared friend.

Due to filter into stores soon, the iTrip and iFM sell for $49.99, while the SmartShare goes for $14.99. (For those who can't wait, all three are available for order now on the company's website at

March 16, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
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