PSM3 out now!

Tuesday 8 August 2006
PSM3, the UK's first PlayStation 3 magazine, is on sale now - and every issue comes with TWO free discs.

The magazine - previously known as PSM2 - will have a brand new look and focus predominately on the forthcoming PS3 but will continue to review and feature the very best new PSP and PS2 releases. Meanwhile, new features include the Extend Play section that takes readers directly into their games, showing them how to get 100% out of their catalogue of new and older titles.

The free pair of discs come packed with all the latest PS3, PSP and PS2 trailers and footage with the PSM3 team's unique voiceover commentary adding colour to game review videos. You'll also get an overload of PSP game saves, tips, a massive game review database, loads of wallpapers and all the best PSP applications and audio files.