PS5 job listing calls it the “world’s fastest console”

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Update: Sony's original job listing has been amended, removing the mention of PS5 and "the world's fastest console" line. You can see a snapshot of the original listing through the Wayback Machine here.  

Original Story: Sony is sounding pretty bullish about the PS5 in a job listing online, calling the upcoming machine the “world’s fastest console”. 

The listing, spotted by an eagle-eyed ResetEra poster, is for a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager post, with a blurb saying that the console maker “needs your help to build next generation cloud infrastructure”. 

Later on in the post, it explains what the successful candidate will be doing in the role: “You will be managing distributed systems that are powering 100+ million PS4 consoles that deliver immersive gaming experiences. You will also be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console (PS5) in 2020.” 

With PS Now recently cutting its subscription prices, it’s not surprising that Sony is looking to improve its cloud gaming systems in the short term, as well as preparing for PS5. This job role also implies that cloud gaming will play a role with the future console, which makes sense considering the Sony and Microsoft partnership in cloud gaming that was announced earlier this year. 

One of the big details we learned when PS5 was confirmed earlier this year as well was that the console would use a SSD, allowing for games to load and render much faster than they do off the current PS4’s hard drive. It’s no surprise then that Sony is playing this angle up in the job listing then, considering that loading times tend to be a big point of interest around every new console generation. 

Then there’s also the fact it seems quite close to Microsoft's marketing line for the Xbox One X: “the world’s most powerful console”. Does this give us a clue at how Sony will market the console, pitching it as the quickest way to play games? With the PS5 holiday 2020 release date not too far off, we’ll find out soon enough. 

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