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PS5 will finally tell you how long you've played your games - including PS4 titles

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
(Image credit: Sony)

The new PS5 UI includes an updated profile page that will track your games, including how long you've spent playing them.

GameSpot reports the feature will work a lot like the Nintendo Switch, except it's more precise. You won't need to wait as long for the play estimate to appear, and the numbers won't be rounded in the same way as Switch, which says I've played Animal Crossing for 65 hours or more.

The new feature won't just count how much time you're sinking into PS5 games like the Demon's Souls remake or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While I'm not sure you'll want to know how much time you've spent trying to defeat the Flamelurker, you'll now have an accurate understanding of how your time is being used. The feature will also retroactively tell you how much time you've spent playing PS4 - so prepare yourself for a stark reality check about your Horizon Zero Dawn playtime. 

It's interesting that the PS4 games are included, which shows that Sony has seemingly always kept track of your PS4 playtime, even if it did so quietly. Weird you can't access your hours on PS4, but at least this new feature will give you something to strive towards? At least the new feature doesn't take up that much storage space - as we previously reported, PS5 usable storage is reportedly 667GB, and with PS5 install sizes so large, you'll be running into a storage problem rather quickly.

PS5 launches November 12, so read our PS5 review if you haven't already bought the next-gen console. 

Remember, the PS5 launch will be online only, so no tents outside of Target. 

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