PS5 Slim is real and out in November

PS5 Slim
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Sony has finally confirmed that the long-rumored PS5 Slim is real, and due out in November to give you a new option to play the best PS5 games.

As with the existing PS5 models, the Slim unit will come in a $500 USD version with an included UHD Blu-ray drive, and a digital-only model priced at $450. Both models include 1TB of internal storage, a slight upgrade from the previous 825GB SSD.

The disc drive itself is detachable, and can be purchased separately for $80 and mounted to the digital unit.  While a horizontal stand will still be included with the console, you'll now also be able to purchase a vertical stand for $30.

The new console will be available in the US at the official PlayStation store and "select local retailers" in November, and will "continue to roll out globally in the following months," according to PlayStation's announcement.

Perhaps the most notable detail is that this isn't just a new option for prospective PS5 buyers, but a total replacement for the existing console. This is just a PS5, but smaller. Sony says the new model "has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous models."

Here's how the official MSRP for all the consoles and options breaks down across regions:

  • US
    • PS5 with disc drive - $499.99
    • PS5 digital - $449.99
    • Disc drive accessory - $79.99
    • Vertical stand - $29.99
  • Europe
    • PS5 with disc drive - €549.99
    • PS5 digital - €449.99
    • Disc drive accessory - €119.99
    • Vertical stand - €29.99
  • UK
    • PS5 with disc drive - £479.99
    • PS5 digital - £389.99
    • Disc drive accessory - £99.99
    • Vertical stand - £24.99
  • Japan
    • PS5 with disc drive - ¥66,980 (includes tax)
    • PS5 digital - ¥59,980 (includes tax)
    • Disc drive accessory - ¥11,980
    • Vertical stand - ¥3,980
  • Australia
    • PS5 with disc drive - AU$799.95
    • PS5 digital - AU$679.95
    • Vertical stand - AU$49.95

On top of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on the horizon, there are plenty of other upcoming PS5 games destined for your library, too.

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