PS5 Slim listing debunked as being over two years old, but not before the internet imploded

PS5 console
(Image credit: Sony)

A PS5 Slim listing has been just as quickly debunked as it was first revealed.

Earlier today, on March 29, Twitter, ResetEra, and Reddit were awash with people claiming evidence of a new PS5 console. The claim originates from Australian retailer The Good Guys, whose website references a "new look, slimmer PlayStation 5" available for purchase.

This was quickly taken to be a reference to a new, unannounced PS5 Slim console. However, this was debunked just a few hours later, when someone handily pointed out on Twitter that the description in question has been hanging around on The Good Guys' website since 2021.

Using the way back machine, we can see that the same description for the PS5 has been in place on the retailer's website for roughly two years now, and previously referred to the PS4 Slim. This is a good example of thoroughly checking the sources whenever someone claims a retailer has listed a new console or game.

Still, that didn't stop everyone from getting riled up over the potential PS5 Slim listing for a few hours. Hey, at least this is a change in direction from the near-constant PS5 Pro rumours circling the internet every few weeks. 

Roughly one year ago, a report claimed a PS5 Pro would launch at some point in 2023, with double the performance capabilities. Well, we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year, and there's still little evidence of the console, so what comes remains to be seen. That said, should a PS5 Slim be announced, one website has certainly landed itself some handy online real estate.

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Hirun Cryer

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