PS5 Pro controller could be in the works

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony is reportedly working on a PS5 Pro controller, according to a well-known leaker. 

As revealed in a story on Try Hard Guides, written by prolific leaker Tom Henderson, Sony is allegedly working on a 'Pro' version of a PS5 controller. According to the article, sources claim that "Sony is working on a 'genuine professional controller' for the PlayStation 5."

Apparently, the project is currently codenamed "Hunt" and will have "several interesting features including removable analogue sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons." Henderson also claims that the person who has shared this insight has supplied prototype images of the controller but, due to wanting to remain anonymous, Henderson has been asked not to publish them. 

The article does contain a description of the images though. So, according to Henderson, the controller keeps with the classic PS5 DualSense controller style but has a few key differences. Most noticeably, the article claims that the controller will contain "removable stick units" - presumably to give players the option to swap out the analogue sticks in the case of issues such as stick drift. 

As well as this, the controller will apparently have "trigger stops at the back of the controller" in addition to "flappy paddles/buttons." In addition to this, the prototype also reportedly features grips, to make the controller easier to hold and may even have "significant software upgrades." 

Henderson has said that they don’t know exactly when the controller will be unveiled, just that their source has said: "it should be soon." 

Of course, with all leaks, it’s wise to take this kind of information with a grain of salt. We never know what Sony may change before officially announcing this prototype, or if it will ever actually be released to the public. 

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