PS5 owners can get six months of Apple TV for free

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PS5 players can now get six months of Apple TV for free.

Just below, you can see the announcement from the official PlayStation Twitter account yesterday on July 22. The tweet revealed that, beginning from this week, any PS5 players can get six months of Apple TV entirely for free, as long as Apple TV is obviously already available in your region around the world.

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In fact, even if you're already an existing subscriber to Apple TV, or you still have an active free trial for the subscription service, you can still take advantage of this new offer for PS5 devices. However, if you signed up to Apple TV through a TV-based bundle deal like Apple One, you unfortunately won't be eligible for this new free trial through PlayStation's next-gen console.

It couldn't be a better time for this deal to come around, all things considered. Ted Lasso Season 2 is now live for all to watch on Apple TV around the world, and you can catch the debut episode of the sophomore season right now. For full details on when you can watch the rest of the second season, which runs until October, head over to our Ted Lasso Season 2 release schedule guide for more.

The PS5 is actually shaping up to be a bit of a media powerhouse. Back in December 2020, it was revealed that Sony was preparing to buy Crunchyroll to the tune of $1.175b, in a deal that would potentially have Sony cornering the anime streaming market, with both Funimation and Crunchyroll both under its wing. Put Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Crunchyroll together, and that's one enticing streaming line up on Sony's next-gen console.

However, the consoles themselves are still pretty hard to come by. PS5 devices are still pretty dang hard to track down in the wild, with scalpers descending on any stock whenever it becomes available online. To give yourself the best chance possible of getting hold of the new-gen console whenever it pops up, head over to our full PS5 deals guide for more.

For what we made of coach Lasso's new outing, head over to our Ted Lasso Season 2 premiere review for a full recap.

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