PS5 may ship out earlier than expected in Germany according to a retailer

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Gamers in Germany may have a newfound opportunity to get access to PS5 before the rest of Europe. 

Media Markt, a German retailer, has caused a stir among fans by contacting customers informing them of its intention to start shipping their PS5 consoles on November 12. While this is the date that the console is set to debut in markets in North America and Japan, this new release date would have it going out exactly one week before the UK and other European countries.

This comes in the wake of new lockdown measures creating rumors that the PS5's release would either be delayed or brought forward in other European countries, including the UK. The email that announced the date change came from an automated system, so it's still entirely possible that the date could revert back to its previous one in a future email. 

The console's predecessor, the PS4, saw a Europe-wide release taking place on November 29, 2013. Of course, it must be said that the PS5 is set to launch in a very different world amidst the chaos of a global health crisis. It remains to be seen whether the console launch will officially be moved up in the German market alone, and rumors continue to swirl as lockdown measures shift throughout Europe. 

The PS5 currently officially launches in North America and Japan on November 12, and in Europe on November 19. 

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