PS5 is shaping Sony's next wave of 8K and 4K TVs

(Image credit: Sony)

As expected, the PS5 is shaping more than the future of gaming, based on the latest news out of Sony CES 2020. According to TechRadar, the next-gen console dropping this holiday season is inspiring home cinema devices, with Sony's newest TVs made specifically with "upcoming next-generation gaming consoles" and their 8K resolution in mind.

This means that Sony's latest will offer HDR in 8K resolution, 4K resolution at a higher frame rate, and "fast response time via HDMI outputs" that will help show off the PS5's performance in the best way possible. And, despite the corporate umbrella, we're certain the Xbox Series X will look equally as beautiful on the newer Sony televisions (we even reported on a sneak peek at the console's backside, which includes a single HDMI port). 

Whichever console flag you fly, the upcoming wave of Sony displays will focus on top-tier resolution, including the flagship Z8H, which can play at both 8K and 4K with a Full Array LED, audio drivers that output sound based on the location of images onscreen, and a schnazzy remote. Oh, and did we mention there's an 85-inch model? For those of us who aren't blessed with infinite entertainment space, the X900H 4K is considered a "more mid-range LCD model" that comes in five different sizes - it'll reportedly be able to support 120HZ 4K with a software update. 

The rest of Sony's newest models will still boast impossibly crisp resolution, but their designs don't reflect the notion that they're engineered specifically to help the PS5 flex its computing muscles.

If you can't get enough of the next-gen console battle, check out the official PS5 logo (and don't pretend to be surprised). We'll keep you updated on the latest details about the PS5 price too.

Alyssa Mercante

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