Get a headstart on PS4's next system update (if you dare)

Sony would like your help testing the PlayStation 4's upcoming firmware, so it’s opening a beta to interested PS4 owners this September (though space is limited and registrants are not guaranteed access). Similar to the Xbox Preview program for Xbox One, signing up as a beta participant will grant you access to the system's updates early and allow you to give feedback based on your experience.

So, what exciting new features are coming that'll make you risk the health of your console's software and performance? Well, erm … Sony doesn't say. And, according to its System Software Beta Agreement, "SCEI does not warrant that operation of the beta product will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the beta product will be compatible with any other product other than designated PlayStation system, or that the beta product will work properly on all designated devices."

Considering this will be right around the same time that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain finally arrives, it's worth remembering beta functionality can be finicky. PS4 users will be able to rollback to update 2.57 if the beta is not to their taste, so there's that safety net at least. If that all sounds worth it, go ahead and register for the beta.

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Sam Prell

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