PS3 scoops L.A. Noire exclusive

Little is known about L.A. Noire except what you can take from the trailer, but it looks like the game is only coming to the PS3. And this isn't the recently revealed PS3 exclusive either...

The game's described as an "interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940s," presumably before highways, E3 (RIP) and illegal hotdog vendors that now plague the streets of The City of Angels.

The latest schedule from Take-Two, following last night'sdisastrous GTA IV delay, only lists the game for the PS3.

Previously the game was announced as next-gen only, though you'll have seen plenty of previews of it in Xbox mags. We've been on the phonewith Rockstar who seem to be buried in a bunker at the moment. Funny that.

August 3, 2007