PS3 loses Katamari to Microsoft?

According to Newsweek's Level Up column, Microsoft could be close to securing the next Katamari Damacy game, Beautiful Katamari as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Namco Bandai announced the next-gen installment for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 earlier this year (opens in new tab), but according to Level Up an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Namco Bandai is "very close" to fruition.

It'd make sense in theory, considering the developer's recent love for Microsoft's box, which includes the gorgeous RPG Eternal Sonata and the excellent XBLA release Pac-Man Championship Edition.

When contacted Namco Bandai expectedly refused to comment on the rumor, as did our PR pals at Microsoft, who'd (if the report's true) no doubt want to keep their new exclusivity coup under wraps.

E3's due to kick off next month so if there's anything to be announced, that's probably where it'll happen.

June 15, 2007