PS3 FW 2.01 breaks CoD 4?

Nov 20, 2007

Today's 2.01 PS3 firmware update was released solely to fix instability issues on the console, but it's suspected it may have done the complete opposite for Activision's best-FPS-on-the-platform shooter, Call of Duty 4.

Dozens of angry gamers have hit the official forums to report that, since updating their PS3s this morning, they have been unable to play the online mode in the game. They obviously blame Sony's new firmware.

Some users, however, say they managed around two hours of play after updating before the errors began to occur. So is the FW update at fault? Or something else? CoD 4 servers have been annoyingly temperamental over the past few days...

We spoke with both Sony and Activision, both seemingly oblivious to the problem, but we hope to update with their feedback soon.

Meanwhile, our office PS3, running the new 2.01 firmware, is playing CoD 4 online as normal. It took around 10 minutes to log on (which is still not good), but it's working just fine now.

Courtesy of CVG.