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PS Vita IS getting a price drop, but only for six weeks. And only in France

Sony has confirmed that there WILL be a price drop for PlayStation Vita in the near future... but it's not a permanent one, and it's only happening in France. The console will come with a 50 Euro rebate if purchased between June 1 and July 15. That's equivalent to approximately £40 or $62. After that, it's going straight back up to the regular price.

"The PS Vita is the latest generation of handheld console and more than 1.8m have been sold worldwide since its launch," said SCE Europe Vice President, Philippe Cardon. "Its innovations are numerous. With this offer we want to make it more accessible to the greatest number throughout the approaching summer vacation."

Above: My cup says 'Soho', but I'm on holiday here from France where I bought my Vita. In the... er, future

It's probably no coincidence that this temporary price drop should happen just as Sony tells us about all its Vita plans over E3, but we are surprised that it's restricted to France only. Surely now is the perfect time for a promotion like that to boost the user-base off the back of E3. Interest goes up, price comes down... makes sense, yes? Apparently, it's only 'makes sense, oui'.

Obviously we'd love to hear the same news repeated throughout the various territories, but hopefully the E3 presentations will be exciting enough to make us take the plunge anyway. It is, after all, a wonderful machine.

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Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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