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PS Store search feature, video store glimpsed

A recently-released PS3 promo video offers a glimpse of what could be the next iteration of the PS Store, packing a search feature and video content.

At one point in the ad, screens of the PS Store whoosh past, revealing a search feature along the bottom panel of the Store that isn't in the current version.

In another fly-by shot, it also shows a video download page donning the logos of TV networks NBC, HBO, Cartoon Network (yes!) and MTV, among others. Could this be the first glimpse of what Sony has in store for PS3 video downloads?

You can check out grabbed images from the adright here.

Although no announcement has been made, Sony is expected to reveal plans for a video-on-demand system for PS3 for launch this year.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 13, 2008