PS Plus Premium could cause dozens of games to leave PS Now

Sonic Adventure 2
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PS Plus Premium means that PlayStation Now will be reportedly losing 56 of its games throughout May ahead of the service being added to one of the new subscription tiers this summer. 

Shared to Reddit (via VGC), one user claims that a total of 56 games are either set to expire from the service in May - shortly before the PS Plus Premium release date - or have seen expiry dates appear and reappear in recent days.

Titles affected include the likes of several Sonic the Hedgehog games (Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Forces, Sonic Adventure 1 + 2, and more), a few Metal Gear Solid games (Metal Gear Rising, MGS4 and 5), as well as other titles such as Yakuza 4 and 5, Silent Hill HD collection, and loads more. You can read a full list of games supposedly leaving the service next month in the original Reddit post

It’s clear that Sony’s reasoning for this drastic reduction is to get ready for the new PlayStation Plus service. The new PS Plus is a revamp of the current one and separates into three different tiered subscriptions that are all available for different prices and offer different exclusive features to its members. PlayStation Now will be included in one of these new tiers and so won’t be available as its own subscription service anymore. It’s not clear yet whether the games being removed from PS Now in May will become available again on PS Plus Premium. 

We can’t say we’re very surprised at the gradual closing down of PS Now as earlier this month, it was also revealed that PlayStation Now subscriptions are only available in monthly installments now as PlayStation has removed the services' annual subscriptions - also in preparation for PS Plus Premium. So if you were looking for an excuse to give PS Now a try, you should really get to it, and quick, before various games are removed.

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