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Prototype 2 rewards early adopters with RADNET pass

Radical Entertainment has revealed a bonus incentive for players awaiting Prototype 2. Put down a pre-order, or pick up one of a limited number of new copies come April 24, and you'll get a code granting access to RADNET: an online portal through which the company plans to distribute some 55 pieces of free DLC over the first two months of the game's release.

So far, the only way Radical's announced for accessing RADNET is through Prototype 2's limited-edition code – putting the feature somewhere between those Online Passes that get everyone so steamed, and the good old-fashioned preorder bonuses that made our society great. The portal's still got some surprises in store, though: while this trailer offers a look at some of the challenges and rewards on offer, early players ought to get to the proffered bonus items and mutations before the Internet's had time to find them all...