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Proof that Animal Crossing: New Leaf's characters are barking mad (updated)

That isn't very often...

We are thinking about frogs, but not wanting to look like one. More like the classic saying: 'mad as a box of X'. Well, that's a simple equation to preserve your feelings, but suffice to say it's solved easily where X=frog and the quantity of X is >1.

Now stop wasting our time. We're trying to complete our Link from Zelda outfit.

What kind of presents do you give?!

It's so surreal. She's saying words and they're appropriate for the setting. Yes, we are in a shop browsing the clothes. Yes, this one has caught our eye. Probably because it looks like someone was buried in it several years ago.

Why would we send it to anyone as a present? Unless in Animal Crossing it's perfectly normal to send gifts to zombies. In which case this one would go down a treat with a fashion-wise young undead female. Funny thing is, we asked to try it on and Mabel suddenly seemed lost for words. Don't worry, Mabel. A blue crayon will make it better.

This is amazing

Errands like this crop up in Animal Crossing all the time. But while it's extremely lazy to not be bothered to trek across town (which takes about 10 seconds), there's more here than meets the eye.

Look at that grey shape behind the word 'hungry' in the text box. Know what that is? Yep. It's Shep. Who just walked by in plain sight. So what you're saying, Simon, is that you're so hungry, you're actually dead. Otherwise you could just say 'hey, Shep' and give him the item. But there's more. Look at the edge of the house there on the right. Got that? Now hit the next slide...

No, really it was nothing

That's the same house. We've caught up with Shep and delivered the item that was given to us as he was walking past. But look how grateful he is!

Anyone would think we had gone out of our way to get on a bus, visit another town and then bring something to him. We were about to say 'Shep should go and talk to Gulliver'. But, to be honest, he should go and talk to any of the residents in our town. They're all just as mad as each other. And that is why we love them.

What sea shanties do you know?

Got a favourite quotation from an Animal Crossing character? Let us know in the comments. Or, if you haven't got any (or, indeed, played Animal Crossing at all), you could always share your own sea shanties about cucumbers, mayo and flatulence. Feel free.

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Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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