Proof that Animal Crossing: New Leaf's characters are barking mad (updated)

Christmas only makes 'em madder

As the Christmas season finally draws to a close, you may have been too busy to catch up on events in Animal Crossing. That might be for the best, as the residents are even more insane than ever at this time of year.

This article was originally posted in June, but it's one of my personal favourite articles of the year so I've added new slides from this Christmas season. Any excuse to have another laugh at the madness going down in my town of Longoria. So let's get back on the crazy train, stopping at Doolally Plaza and working our way towards Cuckoo Town central. Strap in, things are going to get pretty peculiar...

Ah, predictable

It's always the way it goes. You roll a snowball up into a bigger snowball, then do the same with another and put it on top of the first... what have you got?

A snowman that comes to life and gives you a bingo card. Yup, just like real life.

That wasn't quite it...

I don't know which is scarier. That you think that might be something I would feasibly want to say to you, or that it was the first thing that came to mind.

But then again, now I think about it... Grrrolf.

I didn't need to know that...

"Hey! Do you have any weird things you like? I do!" That's how Cube started this conversation. Which he subsequently had with himself, because let's face it, the human Animal Crossing avatars never actually say anything in conversation, save for yes/no sliders or multiple choice answers.

There's no slider here though. Just quiet acknowledgement that Cube likes holes in his pants. Which is funnier if you're English, because that means 'underpants'.

Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's red.

It's kinda fitting you live in a Nintendo game, Midge. They're all about the colours.


Turns out Cube just asked his stomach what time it was, to which it replied by growling. Cube proudly translated that as meaning 'about 1pm'. Which was actually pretty accurate.

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Fish and chips... WHAT?

Sure, people have posters of food on their walls sometimes. Cup cakes, sweets, cookies (right?) and all sorts. But fish and chips? That's bonkers with a capital BONKERS.

Rainbow sherbet?

Ah, we're back to the original article now. Do read on if you haven't read it before. For instance, there's this touching, whimsical little ponderance from Rosie, which was taken during a fishing tourney (which we won, of course).

Now, as as far as we know, there is no method of using a different lure. But rainbow sherbet is a bit crazy. Unless she's trying to catch a rainbow trout. Eh?


The sun is starting to set on both the fishing tourney and Rosie's sanity. Because rainbow sherbet was clearly wrong. This is exactly what would attract more fish. Freakin' cheesecake.

Actually, we shouldn't really poke fun. Although we won the fishing competition (without cheesecake), Rosie here did come a close second. So maybe there's method in this madness. So while we'll admit to the method, she can't deny the madness. This cat gone crazy.

The room sniffer

This guy is clearly a room sniffer. Just look at him. Now, if you think we're being unfair to him, it's only because he constantly criticises our furnishings, even when we've carefully gone for a set, like the balloons here.

Maddest thing of all? He's apologising for saying the room smells different. The room is made of BALLOONS. Of course it smells. The whole place stinks of rubber. This isn't even smellovision, but we can imagine the smell from here just by looking. *facepalm*

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