Project Gotham Racing 4 revealed

Project Gotham Racing 4, the next installment in Bizarre Creations' Xbox-exclusive racing sim, has been revealed by Peugeot in its legal blurb for an upcoming car design competition.

Win the car manufacturer's contest and you'll "be able to see your concept car in the Project Gotham Racing 4 videogame," says Peugeot's official website.

Above: The 360 launch title PGR3 (pictured) was a smash success, so a speed-bent follow-upwas bound to be announcedsooner or later.

A quick search through the rules of thePeugeot Design Contest 2007also reveals that Project Gotham 4 "will be released towards the end of 2007 or first half of 2008."

Microsoft was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, but we're positive that we'll see the official announcement of PGR4 very soon.

September 11, 2006