Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Cheats

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Rossini

    New Skillz

    while the player is in posetion of the ball and is dribbling the ball press up, down, up, down on the right analog stick the player should flick the ball up ready for a volley.
    While the player is in motion press either right, right or left, left the player should take a slight touch to the side pressed.
    Again while dribbling the ball up the pitch(on a side view of the pitch/tv shot) hold R2 and up/down the player should start dribbling in that direction but still facing the goal. then hold the opposite direction you are facing and the player will start backing up like carlos.
    while in possetion of the ball roll the right analoge stick 360 degrees in either direction to execute the turn.
    Classic Teams And Players
    You can buy classical teams and players from the PES shop in the Options. You can earn PES ( pro evolution currency) by winning games (50 per win)

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Increase Team Stats by 5

    Go to the Edit Mode and enter a code below
    1042 Argentina
    1055 Australia
    1000 Austria
    1001 Belgium
    1043 Brazil
    1002 Bulgaria
    1031 Cameroon
    1024 Chile
    1050 China
    1056 Classic Argentina
    1057 Classic Brazil
    1058 Classic England
    1059 Classic France
    1060 Classic Germany
    1061 Classic Italy
    1062 Classic Netherlands
    1045 Colombia
    1038 Costa Rica
    1003 Croatia
    1004 Czech Republic
    1005 Denmark
    1046 Ecuador
    1032 Egypt
    1006 England
    1007 Finland
    1008 France
    1009 Germany
    1010 Greece
    1011 Hungary
    1051 Iran
    1012 Ireland
    1013 Italy
    1039 Jamaica
    1052 Japan
    1040 Mexico
    1033 Morocco
    1014 Netherlands
    1034 Nigeria
    1015 Northern Ireland
    1016 Norway
    1047 Paraguay
    1048 Peru
    1017 Poland
    1018 Portugal
    1019 Romania
    1020 Russia
    1054 Saudi Arabia
    1021 Scotland
    1035 Senegal
    1022 Serbia & Montenegro
    1023 Slovakia
    1024 Slovenia
    1036 South Africa
    1053 South Korea
    1025 Spain
    1026 Sweden
    1027 Switzerland
    1037 Tunisia
    1028 Turkey
    1029 Ukraine
    1041 United States of America
    1049 Uruguay
    1030 Wales

  • PS2 | Submitted by CAMIKEYI

    Increase Stats

    To increase the stats of all teams that you have go to edit mode and then go to edit number then type in 1999 select confirm ....yes confirm yes and then all the teams will have full stats

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Mark Sholas


    Zinidene Zidane: This trick will allow you to perform the Zidane spin: To do a Zidane Spin (360 step over), rotate the Right Analog-stick in a full 360 degree turn. Pressing R3 will do a manual pass instead.
    Jay Jay Okocha: This trick will allow you to perform the Jay Jay Okocha-style Standing Chip n' Chase: Press Right Analoge-stick Down then Right Analoge-stick Up quickly to chip the ball over the oppositions head. Then, chase after it. Pressing the R3 Button will do a manual pass instead.