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Prime Day
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Amazon Prime Day gift card deals are now done and offered a few slight savings in the world of gaming discounts. Much like previous years, it was a very small affair for anyone looking to knock a few bucks off their annual PlayStation, Xbox or Switch subscriptions. Though the day's come and gone, we've still got a few offers below that made it out unscathed for your consideration. 

The most significant of these Prime Day gift card deals still kicking is for Xbox Game Pass through both console and PC. It goes without saying that any savings you can make on the already great value for money offered by Microsoft's expansive game library are a win in our book, though you can also save on popular FTP title Roblox, too. 

The Prime Day gift card deals didn't exactly set the world on fire, however, a couple of dollars spared here and there is better than nothing in our opinion. We're hoping for more from next year as the consoles would be entering their third year on the market. 

The best Prime Day gift card deals available in the US

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 Month Membership) | $45

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 Month Membership) | $45 $39.99 at Amazon
Save 11% - There's a full $5 off the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means you can have access to hundreds of games for a cheaper rate today.

PC Game Pass (3 Month Membership) | $30

PC Game Pass (3 Month Membership) | $30 $24.29 at Amazon
Save 19% - Although the 3-month PC Game Pass has been cheaper once in the past, this is still an excellent deal coming under the $25 mark. This means that you're getting an extra two weeks for free.

Roblox Digital Gift Card 4,500 Robux | $50

Roblox Digital Gift Card 4,500 Robux | $50 $44.99 at Amazon
Save 10% - If you've wanted to knock a decent amount of wedge off a serious amount of in-game currency, then this gift card deal gets you more Robux for less.


Do I need a Prime Membership to access Prime Day gift card deals?

An Amazon Prime membership is the best way to make sure that you don't miss out on any of the Prime Day gift card deals, especially when relating back to the retailer's own storefront. Fortunately, there's a 30-day free trial available which grants you full access to all the benefits afforded by the service, including next-day delivery and the Prime Video platform just to name a few. 

What will Amazon Prime Day gift card deals look like in 2022?

Thinking back on the winter sales events gives us a more encompassing view of the kind of discounts to expect during the Amazon Prime Day gift card deals as the time frame is far more recent. For instance, last year, we saw minor savings on most gamer-centric gift card values on the world's largest online retailer. As an example, the Xbox Gift Cards were 10% off over the Black Friday period for a limited time. You could get yourself a $50 Xbox gift card for $45, as well as a $100 gift card for $90, so the value was scaled with the amount of money put down. 

It's not just the digital store vouchers that have enjoyed discounts over this period. The same can be said for the likes of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus as well. One of the better-value deals we've seen is 3 Months Xbox Live Gold available for around the $16 mark (was $25), giving a $9 discount. Over with Sony's systems, last year you could get your hands on a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership for $45 (was $60) which saved you $15. 

It's a similar story with gift cards relating to Nintendo, too. This year alone, we've witnessed the $50 Nintendo eShop gift card available for $44.99 (saving you 10%), with 10% off also happening historically with both the $10 and $20 values, too. Based on these experiences, we're anticipating that many gaming gift cards will enjoy 10% off their face value rates when Prime Day comes around again. It's looking like the better value, however, is going to be with memberships through the likes of Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, though. 

We're also watching out for Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals and Prime Day TV deals, too. 

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