Prepare for a shared Black Mirror universe, says creator Charlie Brooker

Dystopian anthology series Black Mirror has always featured completely standalone stories. But in an interview with Total Film, creator Charlie Brooker says all that's about to change with season 4.

"When people used to ask me, ‘Are these all set in the same universe?', I’d go, 'No," says Brooker. "But now explicitly some of them are. There are nods and winks, and sometimes direct references to things."

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Total Film also spoke to John Hillcoat, the guy that brought the apocalyptic horror of The Road the big screen, and director for the Black Mirror episode 'Crocodile.' "Generally, the mature audience has been overlooked by the film industry," he says of his guest director duties. "The material in TV got more and more interesting as movies started to get less interesting; that’s what sparked my interest as a filmmaker."

'Crocodile' stars Andrea Riseborough and covers classic Black Mirror territory, with a story that examines an uncomfortable convergence of human memories and technology.  

The latest issue of Total Film is also packed with interviews featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Karen Gillan, and Aaron Sorkin, plus everything you need to know about Netflix’s new series Bright.

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