Pre-E3 blowout day five: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
As hot as Samus' next trip is going to be, there's little she can do to stop the unrivaled juggernaut of Twilight Princess. Ever since we finished the animated adventure of The Wind Waker three years ago, we've all waited patiently for a new, more detailed look at the fantasy world of Hyrule. This time around, Link looks like he belongs in Lord of the Rings, and everything else around him is fading away into darkness.

It's the crumbling sense of hopelessness that seems to emanate from most of the Twilight Princess screens - especially those of Wolf-Link. For reasons that are unclear, when you travel into the run-down Twilight realm, Link becomes this canine beast. He's later befriended by Midna, a mysterious figure that rides on his back and presumably knows what the hell is going on.

How Wolf-Link handles, or even fits into the story, is up in the air, and that's what we want to know. Developers have already hinted at longtime villain Ganon's role in this title, and that his presence should be one of the more intimidating aspects of the game.

Throw in horseback battles, Wii support and legendary dungeons wrought with mind-bending puzzles, and you've got a game that can trumpet the GameCube into its final resting place with class. And, hey, if you've already buried yours in the back yard, don't forget - this game works on Wii, with special features included.