Pre-E3 blowout day five: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Sue us, we're Zelda fans. New Super Mario Bros. plays like an old-school dream, but Phantom Hourglass looks like it's really going to work the DS in some interesting ways. So far all that's been released is one trailer - in it you can plainly see the player using the touch screen to guide Link's boomerang around a room. The same goes for charting a path through ocean waters, just lay down the course with the stylus and off you go.

So, the question is, how far does the touch screen support go? What other kinds of weapons will you find after clawing through more puzzle-ridden labyrinths? Will there be Wi-Fi multiplayer modes for everyone to get in on, possibly like 2004's Four Swords Adventures?

Oh, and that Wind Waker style that most of us are happy to see replaced in Twilight Princess? It's back to work in Phantom Hourglass, complete with wide-eyed Link and an enormous ocean to explore. Here's hoping we don't spend more time manning the charts as we do cutting down some monsters.