Pre-E3 blowout day five: Nintendo

We can't wait

Metroid Prime 3
There's so little known about any and every Wii title that we could easily just slap the entire console down as our most sought-after E3 experience. But if its games were laid bare for all to see, Metroid Prime 3 is where you'd find us.

So far, all anyone's seen of Samus' latest bounty hunt is a brief trailer, where she... exits her ship on a desolate planet. Whee. But we don't really care which creature she's tracking down or what poison-spewing aliens are on her tail - we want to see which direction the explorative Prime series goes now that Hunters on the DS has successfully turned it into a shooter.

With the Wii remote (and nunchaku attachment), you'll be able to look and fire separately - something the GameCube games didn't offer. By using this restrictive control scheme, Nintendo paraded Prime as a first-person adventure, not shooter. Will that still be the case now that gamers are on the Wi-Fi Connection right now, blasting away in the Metroid universe?

Prime 3, whatever form it's shown in, will also serve as a pretty good indicator of the Wii's hardware capabilities. Graphics aren't supposed to be the focus, but damn if Nintendo's gonna let Samus out of the gate looking anything but her best.