Pre-E3 06: WoW Alliance race here first!

Ridiculously successful Massively Multiplayer Online RPG World of Warcraft's newest addition, the Burning Crusade expansion, has long been a hot topic among players thanks its plan to add two new playable races. The first, the Horde's sinister Blood Elves, was revealed months ago. Now, the second playable race seems to have been tipped. Drum roll, please...

The new race choice for heroic players can safely be assumed to be the Eredar, demonic humanoids who were decidedly evil in previous Warcraft games. Although almost no details have been revealed regarding why the Burning Legion's chief agents of destruction would turn to aid the Alliance, we've seen Blizzard's booth, which has the monstrous beings covering every inch (except for the inches covered with Blood Elves, of course).

Pictured here clearly wearing good-guy Alliance armor, this Eredar (we're guessing he's a Paladin?) battles a Blood Elf Rogue. We expect an official announcement from Blizzard any moment, but for now we're totally confident that the Eredar will be the new Alliance playable race. It would seem that WoW players looking for a new character will have an extremely tough choice to make when the expansion is released.

May 10, 2006