Poster view: Chipmunks and Kidman

There are some pictures that just strike bowel-loosening fear into you from the minute you clap eyes upon them. Like anything with Paris Hilton and an animal. Or Paul WS Anderson directing on a set.

But this has to beat them all – even without Jason Lee’s huge face, the image of the “new” CG Chipmunks on this poster for Alvin And The Chipmunks. The blend of live-action and compu critters just makes us think of the Garfield films, and we’ve been through counselling for years to try and forget that one. It’s right up there with our fear of chimp faeces.

Still, perhaps the kids will love it. Suckers.

Meanwhile, in the most positive sign that it will actually find its way to our cinemas, the poster for the long-gestating Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig thriller The Invasion has hit the ‘net at Cinematical.

It’s a pretty standard Big Heads affair, and it’s interesting that the directing credit is still given to original helmer Oliver Hirschbiegel, despite his leaving the project after dodgy test screening results and work on the movie by the Wachowski brothers and James McTeigue. Guess they couldn’t all squeeze on…

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