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Portal 2 socks combine the appeal of Portal and socks

Clothing company has teamed up with Valve to created the first officially licensed Portal socks. They're based on the design of Aperture Science's Long Fall Boots, the footgear that allows Portal's protagonist, Chell, to plummet from great heights without taking damage. Unlike the in-game boots, the socks do not provide protection from such dangerous falls, but they'll help you look cool as long as you remain safely planted on the ground.

The Portal socks cost $10 per pair and you can order them from They're sold out right now, but expected to be restocked next month. Unfortunately, they'll continue to come in women's sizes only, and Long Fall footwear is always knee-high — but don't let that stop you if you're a guy. With a little hard work and science we bet you'll think of a way to squeeze your feet into socks created for a woman, and if not, they make a great gift.

Sep 26, 2011