Pokemusings, week 47

Before we get to this week's Pokemusings, we wanted to remind our American readers thatDarkraiis being distributed at participating Toys R Us stores this weekend. Be sure to snag this rare and excellent Pokemon if you can!

Getting back to business, last week we looked at three moves that use unusual formulas to calculate the damage they inflict. These types of moves can be extremely effective in the right hands. When used by ignorant trainers, they can be slightly more useful than Splash. This week we're looking at three more moves that follow wonky rules: Fling, Water Spout, and Gyro Ball. We hope that you take the time to learn how these moves work and use them to put a hurtin' on your opponents.

Above: Primeape can use Fling to hurl more than poo

Fling sounds like a move that a Primeape uses to hurl its deadly feces. In reality, it's a Dark type move that uses the Attack stat. It can be learned by several Pokemon via leveling up and taught through TM56. Basically, a Pokemon chucks whatever item it's holding and nails the opposing Pokemon with it. The amount of damage and the status effect depends on the item being held. Fling isn't very practical when used in story mode, since the flung item is lost forever. In competitive battles, the item can be used once, but is regained for use in the next battle.

With the right item Fling can do some heavy damage. Hurling a fossil hits for base 100. An Iron Ball hits for base 130 damage. If used by a Dark Pokemon, the damage gets a same-type attack-bonus (STAB) multiplier. This can be a lethal surprise for an unsuspecting foe. One of our favorite ways to use Fling is to induce a flinch. If the Fling-using Pokemon goes first, throwing a King's Rock or a Razor Fang will cause the enemy to flinch. Fling can also be used to inflict paralysis, poison, and burns.