Pokemusings, week 26

Dec 13, 2007

'Tis the season for retailer gouging, horrendous holiday movies (hello Fred Claus), and shoulder dislocations due to overcrowded malls. Don't let that get in the way of shopping for your favorite Pokemon pals! There's still lots of time to pick up some great Pokemon-related gifts. While any self-respecting trainer has a healthy supply of Pokemon games, we're going to take a look at some toys, shirts, and books that are sure to brighten up a Pokemon fan's holidays. And if you've already taken care of your fellow trainers and coordinators, you might want to add some of these items to your wish list!

Above: Fighting over who gets to be the Master Ball is an added bonus

There are a lot of crappy Pokemon toys out there. We've owned every Pokedex ever released and we think they all pretty much suck. One Pokemon toy that definitely does not suck is theCatch 'Em All Marble Gameby Jakks. If you've ever played Hungry Hungry Hippos then you know what this game is all about (and if you haven't then you've had a deprived childhood). Up to four players compete in a frantic game of catching the most marbles. You basically mash on a lever and watch your plastic Pokeball gobble up marbles. It sounds stupid, but it's fun. The game lists for $19.99 (USD), but Amazon has it on sale for $10!