Pokemusings, week 24

Pokemon 4Ever

Plot: The time-traveling Celebi is being chased by an evil Pokemon hunter. It's about to get captured, when a young boy named Sammy intervenes. To save them both, Celebi transports them to the future. There they meet up with Ash and friends, but are soon pursued by an even eviler Pokemon hunter - one with a Pokeball the levels up Pokemon to the max and makes them jerks! Of course, Ash must help protect Celebi and return Sammy to his own time. Oh yeah, Suicune also pitches in and helps the movie rip off Prince Mononoke.

Star Pokemon: Celebi and Suicune

Enemy Pokemon: Hmmmm... maybe a possessed Tyranitar

Why it Rules: We're totally biased on this one, since Celebi and Suicune are two of our favorite Pokemon. The real kicker has to do with Sammy. At the end of the movie, Ash is sad because he made a good friend in Sammy and is afraid that he'll never see him again. Professor Oak cheers him up and ensures Ash that Sammy will always be his friend. Ash runs off to his next adventure when it's revealed that Sammy grows up to be none other than renowned trainer Professor Samuel Oak! That explains why Professor Oak has always been so good to Ash and so instrumental to his Pokemon career - he's just helping out an "old" friend. It also makes their relationship seem infinitely less dirty (you know, in that priest/altar boy way).