Pokemon Sleep reveals sleep-related facts about Ditto, Doduo, and others

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Pokemon Sleep actually reveals neat sleep-related details about its creatures.

Pokemon Sleep only just launched relatively recently, but because people can understandably only sleep for a set amount of time, there's a very limited fashion in which they can explore and play the new game. After all, playtesting sleep is literally why Pokemon Sleep took so long to come out.

Now though, a little bit removed from launch, it turns out the game is throwing out some neat little information snippets to players. For example, the player below has discovered that Pokemon Sleep reveals new sleep-related information for creatures like Ditto, Doduo, and Dodrio (no, we're not counting the Totodile fact).

While Ditto is asleep, it actually turns into a rock-like creature to protect itself from attacks, Pokemon Sleep reveals in the screenshots above. Similarly, one head on Doduo and Dodrio apparently always stays awake, so that the creatures are protected from a potential predator sneaking up on them unawares.

It's true that crocodiles do sleep with one eye open, which is absolutely terrifying when you think about it. It turns out this does actually translate over to Totodile and its ensuing evolutions, as evidenced by the tweet below, and bagging yourself a Totodile that sleeps with both eyes open is considered rare.

If you're looking to get ahead and discover more fascinating facts in Pokemon Sleep, please don't take sleeping pills for the sake of it. One Japanese walkthrough website recently found itself in hot water when suggesting such a tactic, which understandably baffled website visitors as to why anyone would undertake such drastic measures. 

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