PokemonRadar: week five

Welcome to the fifth week of PokemonRadar, GamesRadar's look at the new Pokemon of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, out now in Japan. We're getting deep into the game, here, but we'll still be providing Pokemon for longer than you can imagine. Keep your eyes here.

This week we're looking at five Pokemon with but a single evolutionary stage. While single-stage Pokemon are generally less popular than those that evolve, they can often have interesting and experimental type combinations and often learn useful moves that can be passed onto more useful Pokemon through breeding.

Next week we'll look at the two new version-exclusive Pokemon and their evolutions.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Perappu
Type: Normal / Flying
Classification: Gray Starling
Pokedex Number: 102 Sinnoh / 441 National
Abilities: Keen Eye - Accuracy can't be lowered, Unstable Gait - Evasion increases when confused
Location Found: Route 222
Useful Attacks: Hyper Voice

Our first Pokemon this week is Perappu, a festive musical parrot Pokemon. Found on Route 222 just west of Nagisa City, Perappu are a common sight. Using a variety of sound and Flying attacks, Perappu aren't particularly fearsome or useful, but will fill out your Pokedex nicely.