PokemonRadar, week 13

Pokémon Name: Dosaidon
Type: Ground / Rock
Classification: Drill
Pokédex Number: 464 National
Ability: Lightning Rod - All electric attacks are drawn to this Pokemon
Hard Rock - Super-effective attacks have their damage lowered
Location Found: Evolved by trading a Rhydon holding a Protector item
Useful Attacks: Rock Cannon

Rhyhorn and Rhydon were introduced in the original Pokemon Red and Blue, and finally get a third stage three generations later. You'll have to defeat the Elite 4 and the Pokemon Champion to find the Protector, a defensive item that will evolve Rhydon into Dosaidon when traded to another Pokemon trainer. Dosaidon naturally has impressive stats, most notably its defense. In addition to these numerical upgrades, Dosaidon learns a number of powerful moves, including the new Rock Cannon move and Mega Horn, the most powerful Bug-type move, perfect for dispatching those annoying Psychics.