PokemonRadar, week 12

Welcome to the twelfth installment of GamesRadar’s weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

Today is a Pokemon landmark on GamesRadar. Now that we've got hold of the first Wii Pokemon game, Pokemon Battle Revolution, all PokemonRadar reports will include looks at the new Pokemon in both 2D and 3D.

And, remember, be sure to checkPokemon.comon January 20th for the code to unlock the secret Manaphy mission inPokemon Ranger. If you happen to miss it, don't worry - we'll run it in next week's installment and add it toCheatPlanet. In other Pokemon news,the unveilingof Manaphy on Pokemon.com proceeds apace.

This week we'll excavate the Sinnoh region's four fossil Pokemon. Unlike previous Pokemon games, each line of fossil Pokemon is exclusive to either Diamond or Pearl. Want both? You'll have to hit up the Global Trade System. These fossils can be dug up in the labyrinthing caverns of the Sinnoh Underground, and then resurrected by the ungodly science of Kurogane city's museum. Next week we'll pull back the curtain to reveal the new evolutions of three old friends.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Tatetops
Type: Rock / Steel
Classification: Shield
Pokedex Number: 011 Sinnoh / 397 National
Abilities: Sturdy - One-hit KO moves don't work
Location Found: Pokemon Pearl, revive from shield fossil
Useful Attacks: Swagger

Our first fossil Pokemon is Tatetops, a tiny triceratops...without the tri ceras, leaving only a metallic shield covering its head. While its attack and speed stats aren't anything to write home about, its defense and Rock and Steel types allow it to withstand a variety of powerful attacks. While weak to a variety of attack types, Tatetops takes only quarter damage from Normal type attacks and can dish out Rock and Steel attacks.