Pokemon Unite launches next month for Switch and later this year for mobile

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Pokemon Unite will be launching this year on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Developed by TiMi Studio Group, Pokemon Unite has been confirmed to be releasing this year, coming first to Nintendo Switch, and then mobile devices later in the year. While the game is free-to-play (or free-to-start as Nintendo prefers to term it), players will be given the option to make in-game purchases.

When Pokemon Unite does become available for both Switch and mobile, it will support cross-platform play players on either platform can play together. The game will require a Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account to play, but will also support cross-progression so players can play the game on Switch, and then carry on playing on the go.

The official trailer shows off Aeos Island, and a new form of energy called Aeos energy that can be used to evolve Pokemon. The island is where players come across the Unite Battle Committee where they'll take part in a series of tournaments. Players form teams of five and compete for the most points before the timer runs out.

The 5v5 battles require gathering Aeos energy by defeating wild Pokemon and then depositing that energy into the opposing team's goal zones. Each stadium has different rules, such as different numbers of team members, match times, and even legendary Pokemon that appear. The game will have casual matches, and also ranked matches where teamwork will be even more important. Ranked will find players earning performance points to increase or decrease your ranking.

Both Pokemon and Trainers can be customized in terms of appearance with clothing and accessories. There's also the option to take a selfie of the Trainer for the player's profile.

For how leveling up works, Pokemon are always set to Level 1 at the start of every Unite Battle. They gain experience points through battle and also through the Aeos energy which helps them to level up. When leveled up enough, they'll learn a Unite Move, a special attack that can only be used in Unite Battles.

Interestingly, Pokemon type strengths and weaknesses don't exist in Unite Battles, instead, each creature has its own stats alongside its own roles, such as Attacker, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, or All-Rounder. But to use a Pokemon in a Unite Battle, you'll need a license which can be purchased through the Committee by exchanging Aeos coins that earnable through battles.

Fancy a battle pass? Pokemon Unite has a seasonal one that will allow players to play and earn in-game rewards through leveling up by completing missions. Although, if you purchase Aeos gems, you can just upgrade the battle pass and earn more rewards. It's detailed that the game has three types of currency: Coins, gems, and tickets. Gems are paid for, while coins and tickets can be earned.

This isn't the first we're hearing about Pokemon Unite as the game was revealed last year but things went silent since. That was until March of this year when closed beta footage emerged online showing the game in action.

Pokemon Unite is launching on Nintendo Switch in July 2021, it'll be available on mobile devices in September 2021. An official website is available if you want to learn more.

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