Pokemon Sword prototype leak reveals unused Pokemon

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A dev build of Pokemon Sword has been leaked online, and has achieved high circulation within the internet community. 

As per reports from Twitter user Lewchube, who was sent the information, the prototype has a number of features and environments that didn't make the final game. This can be seen right from the title screen, which contains forms and mega evolutions that were not present due to the game's controversial Pokedex cuts. 

Tossed Pokemon are also seen throughout the build. A screenshot of a beta wild area showcases multiple missing Pokemon such as Ekans, Furfrou, and Aurorus.

Details from the build revealed a number of insights into the game's development, including early adoption of the Rotomdex and beta versions of music tracks. Players took note of some of the changes from build to final game, such as Kanto classic Pokemon Beedrill getting replaced by Butterfree. Beedrill is just one of the aforementioned Pokemon who found itself cut from the Sword and Shield Pokedex.

The build is allegedly sourced from sometime around March 2018, about a year and a half before the game's actual release and less than two years after predecessor games Sun and Moon. This is only the latest in a series of data leaks for the Pokemon franchise, and has occurred alongside a prototype build of fellow Switch title Let's Go Pikachu that was also sourced to 4Chan.

July saw a major leak of data from a number of classic Nintendo titles that included the source code from games like Super Mario RPG, Link's Awakening and F-Zero. The leak revealed a number of big finds, including several unused assets.

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