Pokemon Stadium player reunited with team 20 years later thanks to Twitter mutuals

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A Pokemon trainer has been reunited with their Pokemon Stadium team from 20 years ago, thanks to the efforts of a stranger who happened to buy their old cartridge.

The unlikely story started as so many good (and bad) things do on the internet these days: with some Twitter randos crossing paths. In this case, Derek R. Rose shared a picture of the Pokemon Stadium cartridge that they bought off eBay, which they were displeased to find had its first owner's name - Sam G. - written on the label, contrary to the seller's picture. A mutual follower jokingly tagged in their friend who was also named Sam G., and then… it turned out it was the same Sam G.

It could have ended as a funny coincidence there. Instead, Derek embarked on a mission to reunite Sam G. with his long-lost Pokemon, transferring them all the way from the original Stadium cartridge to Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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The full process of bringing the three Pokemon forward through two decades worth of Pokemon games included a good old fashioned N64 Transfer Pak, a cartridge dumper, and a hacked 3DS. Finally, Derek traded them over to their new home on Sam G.'s Switch.

Sadly, Derek wasn't able to reunite Sam G. with his entire Stadium team - which also included a Fearow and Aerodactyl - due to the Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokedex restrictions. He says he'll keep them safe for the time being. Derek also plans on finishing the Pokemon Stadium journey that Sam G. started out on so many years ago.

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